Tuesday, March 31, 2020


In this archive we will show you how to (tutorial) install apps in ubuntu via command line (PPA repository), direct from store and other methods

How to Install Steam

steam ubuntu tech justice
https://youtu.be/7f0fFrarzRQ Installation from Ubuntu Repository The easiest way to install STEAM on Ubuntu 16.04 and up is by using apt-get command to fetch steam installed directly from Ubuntu's multiverse repository:   If you get error fellow this method and try again Getting a ‘package not found’ error? If so,...

Install Wine in 2 Step and Run Windows Software In Linux

wine ubuntu tech justice
https://youtu.be/a2pLfmP7pHA The official Wine PPA offers Wine-staging packages that are kinda different to the distro packages. - Click on See More to View Full Step Wine Staging provides extra features and fixes, but it’s installed to /opt/wine-staging. Thanks to this, you can have both regular Wine...

Install Numix Theme & Unity / Tweak Tool in Ubuntu Easy 3 Step

numix ubuntu
  https://youtu.be/prhAJQS4wzE In this tutorial I will show u how to install unity, tweak tool and numix theme and how to apply and Customize the theme - Make Ubuntu beautiful Fellow those step:- Using Numix theme and icons If you are using Unity, then instal Unity Tweak Tool using...

Install Official Skype in any Ubuntu in a Minute

  https://youtu.be/x8QBHuUbxvo In this tutorial i will show you how to install official skype in ubuntu u can download skype from link (shown below) and fellow steps shown in video. Skype for Linux Alpha is no more — say hello to Skype for Linux Beta! Yup, the Skype for...

Install or Upgrade to Latest Nvidia Driver in Ubuntu in 2 Step

install nvidia driver - Tech Justice
How to Install the latest Nvidia graphics drivers in Ubuntu via PPA -- Click on See More to View Full Step https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pz9Sw_iSdY   Add the PPA. Before proceeding, please read the PPA description! To add the Proprietary GPU Drivers PPA in Ubuntu and update the software sources, use the...