Hi Dollars
Here is One Click Root and UnRoot solution for ALL HTC Devices.
Note that the Insecure Boot.img method is for all devices but requires S-OFF and your Insecure Boot.img MUST have ‘ro.secure’ set to ‘0’ and not use a patched adbd binary.
The Universal Exploit should work for all devices as long as you are running a FULL Stock ROM including recovery.
The Universal Exploit WILL however fail if it has been patched by HTC on the Stock ROM you are using.



  • Root Using Insecure ‘Boot.img’ (S-OFF Only) or Universal Exploit. (S-ON / S-OFF)
  • Option to Flash ‘HBOOT’ Image after Rooting, even if your device is ‘S-ON’!
  • Verify MD5 Checksum of ‘HBOOT’ Image after backing up and after flashing.
  • Unroot Device by Patching ‘adbd’ binary as Insecure.
  • Root Tools to Clear Battery Stats and Dalvik Cache.
  • Reboot device to any mode after Rooting.
  • Execute Reboot commands independantly.
  • Thorough Error Checking and Stable ADB Framework implementation.
  • Includes BusyBox v1.20.2 and SuperSU v0.96

Note: Make sure you Enable USB Debugging and Disable ‘Fastboot’ under Power in Settings before using HTC Quick Root.

Whats New in v1.1.13:

1. Added: Error detection in the Universal Exploit Method will now report an Error if the Exploit has been patched on the installed firmware.
2. Changed: Independent Reboot Options now support Fastboot aswell as ADB.
3. Fixed: A few other minor bugs and made a few alterations to the code in general.

Whats New in v1.1.12:

1. Fixed: A bug in Device Detection that caused Null Reference Exceptions in some situations.
2. Changed: Made some cosmetic changes in the ‘Wait For Device’ Dialog.
3. Fixed: The Power Pack 10.0 Error will no longer occur. Dependancy has now been removed.
4. Improved: Error handling changes have now been made.
5. Added: HTC Quick Root will now perform a clean up after ‘Failed!’ Errors as long as the device is still connected with ADB.
6. Fixed: A few other minor bugs.

Whats New in v1.1.10:

1. Initial Release.