ARISE Sound Systems Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

ARISE Sound Systems is excited to bring the next generation of mobile audio sound enhancement to all Android devices with root or a custom recovery. We are purposed in providing a top-shelf audio experience beyond anything available anywhere with unmatched support in device compatibility and assistance to users. Our available sound systems are unique to each other and are named sequentially using the books and their order of the holy bible (not a reflection of team views, just a unique naming scheme). Experience a new level of sound modification through the most premium mobile audio sound systems ever made available.

ARISE Sound Systems is an established and renowned Android audio development project known best for its cutting-edge sound systems and trendsetting techniques, perhaps known even more for its unmatched support and assistance for users and its unrivaled community, breaking XDA records for activity, accolades only possible by doing things the right way, every day.

arise sound systems

Many contributors make this project possible by managing the various groups and communities outside of XDA, providing the highest level of courteous assistance available anywhere. These contributors, many behind the scenes, are the backbone of this project and allow us to grow day by day in every aspect of the project. They are recognized as contributors towards the bottom of the OP. And of course, the entire ARISE Sound Systems family and community, the lifeblood of the project and an exemplary example of a forum’s thread at its finest.

Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus™ Features

  • The most advanced and comprehensive sound system ever made available.
  • Jellybean through Android O developer preview support.
  • ARM, Mediatek™, Qualcomm™, 32bit, 64bit, and x86 support.
  • Full SELinux Enforcing support
  • Magisk™ support provided by the incredibly talented Zackptg5 and his Magisk™ Resource
  • 300MB of fully customizable sonic bliss.
  • A massive assortment of unique and exciting modules that can be installed/uninstalled multiple times, eliminating the need to wipe /system or dirty-flash the device ROM zip in order to try a different sound system combination.
  • Modular installation method using a user-prepared instruction set (/sd card/arise_customize.prop) of the desired installation/uninstallation of available modules along with module components like configurations, presets, scripts, and audio_policy manipulation. This file can be extracted from the zip, placed in /sd card, and prepared before initial installation. If not found, the installation will abort with Error 1 along with the necessary information on what to do next as well as automatically place this file in /sd card for user preparation.

Both modular installers are identical in content. Not all users enjoy AROMA compatibility with their custom recovery or may simply prefer the method of using /sd card/arise_customize.prop to determine the sound system installation result.


  • Core System module (required once during initial installation)
  • ViPER4Arise™ module (optional)
  • ViPER4Arise™ module (optional)
  • ViPER4Arise™ Profiles module (optional)
  • Dolby Digital Plus™ module (optional)
  • Dolby Atmos™ module (optional)
  • AM3D ZIRENE® module (optional)
  • Sony™ Xperia XZ Music Suite module (optional)
  • Arkamys™ Audio module (optional)
  • ICEsound™, presets, and configuration modules (optional)
  • Esira™ Media Player module (optional)
  • ViPER4Android XHiFi module (optional, not recommended)
  • AOSP MusicFX module (optional)
  • Dirac™ Power Sound module (optional)
  • Deep_buffer removal module (optional)
  • SD Card permissions repair module (optional, can add 3 – 5 minutes to the recovery session)

Magnum Opus™ Core System module:

Below, is the arise_customize.prop file as found in the Modular Installer zip. This file will be placed in /sd card during the first recovery install if not already existing and the installation will end with an Error 1 and its informative text print out. This step can be avoided by extracting arise_customize.prop to /sd card, manually editing the file for desired installation build result, saving changes, and then flashing the Modular Installer zip in recovery.

# ARISE Sound Systems™ 20170424
# Magnum Opus
# /sdcard/arise_customize.prop

## !! This archive contains 300MB of data.
## !! Navigate to /system to ensure
## !! sufficient space is available in
## !! /system before flashing.

# Module description and information can be found in META-INF/getting_started/modules.

# The ARISE™ modular installation zip works by using this file (when present in /sdcard as /sdcard/arise_customize.prop) to determine if any modules are to be installed by a value of "true" for each line below.

# Any value other than "true" is the same as a value of "false".

# Add a value of "true" to desired add-on(s). Example:


# The Core System module must be installed at least once and only once. Once the core module is installed, the value of "true" should be removed for future customization installing, uninstalling, or executing scripts and modules.

# If a rom update or system wipe is performed resulting in the need to reinstall the sound system, edit /sdcard/arise_customize.prop to include a value of "true" for the core module to complete your sound system installation, followed by removing the value of "true" from the core module once booted.

## START ##



# Select either ViPER4Arise™ version below to be installed or ignore to not install ViPER4Arise™ at all.





# Add a value of "true" to any modules below to install.























## Qualcomm™ Audio Effects Configuration START ##

# Qualcomm™ devices have the ability to select from four audio effects configurations using Android O (default), Asus, DAP (native Dolby Atmos), Huawei, Sony, or Stock /soundfx libraries.


# If installing an audio effects configuration on a currently installed sound system, BE SURE TO INSTALL THE CURRENTLY INSTALLED MODULES AGAIN USING THE APPROPRIATE VALUES!!

# Installing Core is not necessary, but any other module IS NECESSARY so that those modules' entries are written to the new audio effects configuration!!

# As a reminder, any preferred or custom audio effects configuration can always be automatically installed during the Core System module installation by placing it directly in /sdcard named arise_effects.conf to result with /sdcard/arise_effects.conf.


Example: install.qc.ef**cts=ANDROID_O


## Qualcomm™ Audio Effects Configuration END ##


## ICEsound™ START ##

# Add a value of "true" to install the ICEsound™ module:



# The following ICEsound™ configurations are available below. a value of "None" will remove an existing ICEsound™ configuration to use no ICEsound™ configuration. Values 1 (default), through 6 select the ICEsound™ configuration of the same number.

# Although, the available ICEsound™ configurations can have a substantial impact on sound quality, the different versions are provided to find the configuration most compatible with the rest of the installation with incredible sound quality.

# Because of the unpredictability of this file's impact on audio and functionality, descriptive names for the different ICEsound™ configurations are not logical and are simply numbered as they are Example:




# The following ICEsound™ presets are available below. A value of "None" will remove an existing preset to use no ICEsound™ preset. Enter a value of the preset name exactly as shown below. Example:**et=01

BATHSALTS       =01
DEEPBASS        =02
HOLYSH*T        =03
KRAZY           =04
MOVIE           =05
MUSIC2          =06
OUTDOORS        =07
PURE (default)  =08
PURESH*T        =09
SHAT            =10
Default (pure)  =12
None            =None


## ICEsound™ END ##

# The ARISE™ modular installation zip works by using this file (when present in /sdcard as /sdcard/arise_customize.prop) to determine if any modules are to be UNINSTALLED by the value of "true" for each line below.

# Any value other than "true" is the same as a value of "false".











## END ##

  • Once installed, remove the value of “true” from the “install.core=” line in /sdcard/arise_customize.prop for future recovery sessions when installing/uninstalling available modules.
  • This allows for the modules to work in a “plug-and-play” fashion, otherwise, installing the Core System module again will replace audio_effects with the basic template – breaking functionality for every installed module with audio_effects entries.
  • Huawei™ Nova Plus Qualcomm™ DTS™, SRS™, libraries, and effects.
  • Huawei™ P9 Plus Huawei processing, libraries, and effects.
  • Huawei™ Mediapad M3 SWS processing, libraries, and effects.
  • Huawei™ Mate 8 libraries and effects.
  • Asus™ Zenfone 3 Ultra dynamic range compression, surround sound 3-mic processing, libraries, and effects.
  • Asus™ Zenfone 3 Deluxe libraries and effects.
  • Asus™ Transformer Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.
  • Vivo™ Y37 MaxxAudio™, BBESonicMax™, Speaker Boost, Spectrum™, and SRS™ processing, libraries, and effects.
  • Wiko™ Robby Auro 3D™ effect, libraries and effects.
  • Oppo™ R9S apt-XHD Bluetooth™ codecs.
  • Sony™ Xperia XZ libraries and effects.

ViPER4Arise™ module

  • ARISE™ themed version of ViPER4Android’s latest DSP application with pre-installed driver. All ARISE™ artwork is the work and property of @churapa.

ViPER4Arise™ module

  • ARISE themed version of ViPER4Android’s DSP application with pre-installed Super Quality driver. All ARISE™ artwork is the work and property of @churapa.


ViPER4Arise™ Profiles module

  • A comprehensive collection of ViPER4Android profiles created by ARISE™ Team Members and Contributors.

Dolby Digital Plus™ module:

  • Dolby Digital Plus™ system for Marshmallow and Nougat. Ported and themed by @thereassaad from firmware to be determined.

    Dolby Atmos™ module

  • Dolby Atmos™ Ported by @worstenbrood from Lenovo™ K4 firmware.

    AM3D ZIRENE® module

  • AM3D ZIRENE® system ported by @ahrion from Sharp™ firmware. Themed by our friend, D-rey.

Sony™ Xperia XZ Music Suite module

  • A comprehensive port of Sony’s Xperia XZ Nougat music system prepared by @guitardedhero from the latest official firmware featuring:
  • Sony™ Music 9.3.6.A.1.0 Beta
  • All music plugins
  • DLNA Home Network
  • SoundEnhancement
  • MusicFX (if not already installed)
  • Podcast
  • TrackID

additional Sony™ libraries, effects, and codecs

Arkamys™ Audio module

  • Alcatel™ Pixi 4 Plus Power Arkamys™ Audio system ported by @guitardedhero from the latest official firmware.

ICEsound™ module

  • ICEsound™ service and effect from SonicMaster 3.0 ported by @guitardedhero from the latest official Asus™ Zenfone 3 Deluxe firmware. 
  • Configuration module
    • A collection of different configurations of the file used by the ICEsound™ service. This file has substantial influence on how the ICEsound™ service performs and functions with existing effects on the device.
    • Six ICEsound™ configurations prepared by @guitardedhero & @williwood from which to choose as well as an option to use no ICEsound™ configuration at all.
  • Presets module
    • An incredible assortment of individual ICEsound™ presets meticulously prepared and tested by @secone00 using the native ICEsound™ presets file.
    • Preset options to use either the native, original ICEsound™ presets file or to use no ICEsound™ preset at all.


Esira™ Media Player module

  • Esira™ (ARISE spelled backwards) is the official ARISE Sound Systems™ media player created by @Roi007leaf.

ViPER4Android XHiFi module

  • The final version of ViPER4Android’s “sister” DSP application no longer in development.
  • Provided more for historical value rather than intended use.
  • A very high-maintenance and temperamental application that performs best with /system BusyBox and SuperSU installations.

AOSP MusicFX module

  • Automatically installed with Dolby Digital Plus™ and Sony™ Xperia XZ Music Suite modules when not already installed, this DSP application can improve compatibility and harmony of numerous applications and effects.
  • Disable MusicFX within Android Settings for best results and the ability to choose among available DSP applications through the Equalizer option of many music and media players.

Dirac™ Power Sound module

  • Dirac™ Power Sound ported by @guitardedhero from the latest Oppo™ F1S firmware.

deep_buffer module

  • A one-time script executed to remove the deep_buffer sections or entries from various device audio policy configurations.
  • When beneficial, it extends the processing capabilities of the ViPER4Arise™ and Dolby Digital Plus™ DSP applications during playback of streaming media.
  • Recommended only after testing with untouched device audio policy configurations.
  • A copy of the untouched device audio policy configuration is saved in the same directory with the extension “.backup” for convenient restoration at any time, if desired.

SD Card Permissions Repair module

  • When needed, this amazing script by the Android shell guru @osm0sis is a life-saver when it seems as if your file manager is suddenly playing tricks on you.
  • This scenario is characterized by several peculiarities not limited to:
    • Sudden disappearance of /sdcard or its contents.
    • Sudden inability to create/delete content in /sdcard.
  • Even though we do our very best to handle and manipulate your device in the most responsible and respectful way, this scenario is unavoidable sometimes when writing content to /sdcard. This is the remedy for such occasions should they occur.
  • Be aware that selecting this module will increase the recovery session time by up to 3 – 5 minutes as the process of this script’s execution does take some time.


Extract and examine the contents thoroughly before beginning the sound system installation.

Dirty flash your current ROM according to ROM developer’s dirty flashing instructions if any other sound mod is currently installed.

Ensure that sufficient free /system space (300MB+) is available.

Boot to recovery
Install > ARISE Sound Systems™ zip

If on Marshmallow or above, ensure ViPER4Arise™’s Storage Permissions are enabled through its App Info page.

Stock audio effects, other than MusicFX, may need to be disabled if not deleted during the installation for full functionality of the ARISE™ sound system.

The only applications that will appear in App Drawer are ViPER4Arise™, Dolby Digital Plus™, AM3D, Esira™, and Sony™ Music if these modules installed correctly as determined by user selection in AROMA or user-defined instructions in /sdcard/arise_customize.prop in non-AROMA. Everything else in the sound system runs system-wide in the background with no action required from the user.


We encourage our users to assess the installed sound system using tools freely available to all of us. Our goal has always been to empower the user with knowledge and transparency with the changes made to the device. There is no reason to just “take our word for it.”

  • Dumpsys output:
    • The dumpsys utility is our most valuable asset in sound system and audio effects configuration development and is the perfect way for a user to assess the proper installation and availability of the /soundfx libraries deemed appropriate by the installation script along with any modules installed by user input or instruction.
  • First, examine /system/etc/audio_effects.conf or have it easily accessible for cross-reference.
  • Second, launch Android Terminal to open a new terminal window.
  • Third, type the following two commands, tapping Enter after each command. Be sure to grant root access, if necessary:
su -c dumpsys media.audio_flinger

If faced with: Unknown id:

dumpsys media.audio_flinger
  • Fourth, view the generated output and compare the list of loaded libraries to the entries located underneath libraries { in /system/etc/audio_effects.conf. An ideal installation provides /soundfx libraries that are compatible and usable with a device’s firmware.
  • Fifth, scroll further into the dumpsys output to assess the different effects-chains created for the audio session(s). An effects-chain requires at least a service apk and its corresponding library. Examples include ViPER4Android, Dolby™, Arkamys™, ICEsound™, SoundEnhancement, etc. will never appear in an effects-chain because there is no service apk, as intended. Do not look for an effects-chain for a listed library that has no corresponding apk.

  • Log filtering:

    • Another valuable asset in development and is an easy way for a user to assess real-time status of any effect of interest. Log filtering simply means to narrow down the viewable log output by inputting a set of characters that must be present in any displayed log output.
    • We use and recommend MatLog.
    • First, launch MatLog and grant root access.
    • Second, tap the little arrow towards the top right to expand any log entries on the screen.
  • Third, tap the search field to filter the log output by entering the characters that spell an effect/application of interest. Examples include ViPER4Android, Dolby, Arkamys, ICEsound, etc. Log filtering is not appropriate for library assessment without a corresponding apk in most cases.


  • Updating

    • Unless specified with an announced update, no wipes are necessary to update the A.R.I.S.E. Sound System. Different sound system “books” are recommended to be installed on a clean /system or after a ROM zip flash.

      Boot to recovery
      Install > A.R.I.S.E. Sound System zip

      If any undesired result or behavior occurs, dirty flash your current ROM according to your ROM developer’s dirty flashing instructions and try again.

  • Uninstalling

    • No uninstaller zip will be made available due to the amount of overwritten /system files.
      Uninstall the A.R.I.S.E. Sound System completely by dirty flashing your current ROM according to your ROM developer’s dirty flashing instructions.
<b>## Magnum Opus™ 20170506</b> -

- More booted script corrections/enhancements.

- Enhanced the $SDCARD variable during recovery.

- Android O LDAC Bluetooth™ codec reassigned
as a satisfied scenario component.

- Experimental build with arisesound_setprop
disabled, enabling requires name change from
arisesound_disabled_setprop to arisesound_setprop.


Stable:Magnum Opus™ 20170506
Stable: Numbers™ 3.5, Leviticus™ 1.3, Exodus™
Deprecated: Genesis™


Developer Usage:
Completed sound systems no longer in testing phase are public and free to use in any way in custom ROM’s. Sound mods can use components of any completed sound system. The only requirement is providing credit for the ARISE™ Team account as well as a link directing to this thread so that user support and assistance with our systems is one less thing to worry about. 


  • Thanks to @viper520 & @zhuhang for the glorious ViPER4Android™.
  • Thanks to @churapa for the awesome ViPER4Arise ViPER4Android theme.
  • Thanks to @ahrion for Dolby Atmos™ porting proficiency.
  • Thanks to Arkamys™ Audio for their awesome, original audio library.
  • Thanks to @thereassaad for the Dolby Digital Plus™ port.
  • Thanks to @smeejaytee for sharing the HTC™ 10 /system, the catalyst for the entire sound system and made Genesis™ what it is and for managing, maintaining, and researching the tweak.prop component.
  • Thanks to @sonophilos for managing, maintaining, and researching the tweak.prop component.
  • Thanks to @nericollin for the official website and imagery.
  • Thanks to @Paschfire for maintaining and managing our Google+ presence.
  • Thanks to @Roi007leaf for creating the official ARISE music player – Esira and for maintaining and managing our Telegram presence. A true multi-tasker, for maintaining the Aroma Installerversion as well.
  • Thanks to @wrongway213 for maintaining and managing our Google+ and Telegram presence.
  • Thanks to @Zackptg5 for his ARISE-level of Magisk™ proficiency and top-shelf support. 
  • Thanks to @Shadowghoster for maintaining Magisk™ support.
  • Thanks to @BSDgeek_Jake for the highest quality IRS files on XDA – here.
  • Thanks to @kl3 for the tweakprop script.
  • Thanks to @J.E.N.O.V.A. for the Profiles & Convolvers thread.
  • Thanks to @Yoinx for the invaluable assistance and support.
  • Thanks to @osm0sis for the awesome sdcard permissions fix script that is a lifesaver for those that experience loss of /data operations from flashing zips that improperly write to /data. This and many other scripts can be found in his thread here.
  • Thanks to @dingermtb for the official ARISE Spotify community radio and for diligent testing and feedback, but especially for just being the person he is.



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