ASUS ZenFone 2

ASUS ZenFone 2 – Luxury Smartphone, Without the High Price Tag.

Unlocked GSM Phone With 4G/LTE Connectivity

The smartphone that gives you the freedom of choice.

ZenFone2 is a factory unlocked smartphone that works with any carrier using GSM technology standards2. It is 4G/LTE ready for clear voice communications and super-fast on-the-move data transfers of up to 150Mbit/s3, letting you stay connected to your world no matter where you travel.

*4G/LTE is limited to carrier’s support, please contact your carrier for more information.

Unparalleled Performance

The 64-bit Intel Atom Super Quad-Core 22nm processor inside ZenFone 2 carefully balances brilliant performance and superb power efficiency, empowered by the sophisticated Silvermont architecture.

Intel Exclusive 3D Tri-Gate Transistor offers almost three times (3X) more surface area as compared to planar transistors, enabling more electrons to flow when it in the ‘on’ state. It also improves the transistor switching performance which increases the computing performance and decrease the power leakage.

ZenFone 2 PowerVR 6430 graphics-processing unit (GPU) packs a serious punch, for computing experiences that feel like using your desktop computer. Demanding, graphics-intensive games and videos run buttery smooth and look splendid on ZenFone 2’s Full HD display.

Worlds 1st Smartphone with 4GB RAM

The 4GB RAM version of ZenFone 2 offers incredibly smooth multitasking ability.

Switch between active apps without experiencing sluggishness.

With a 64-bit processor, ZenFone 2 fully unleashes the power of the Intel dual-channel RAM architecture, by delivering two simultaneous 32-bit data channels between processor and memory.

*Applies to 4GB RAM ZenFone 2, please check for individual product specifications and configurations.

Full HD IPS Crystal-clear, Vivid Display

Stunning high-resolution 1920×1080 Full HD IPS Gorilla Glass 3 display.

ZenFone 2 has a 5.5-inch touch screen with remarkable 72% screen-to-body ratio, and offers wide 178-degree viewing angles. The staggering 403ppi pixel density renders every image in eye-delighting detail.

The ultra-sharp display reaches 72% of the NTSC gamut so you see more colors. Photos and video are brighter, clearer and as vivid as can be.

ASUS ZenFone 2 – Thoughtful design fits right into your daily life.

Premium Ergonomic Arc Design

Premium brushed-metal finish and zen-inspired circular detailing.

ASUS ZenFone 2 has a stunning, all-new design that looks as pleasant as it feels. The arc design makes the phone easy to hold and fits the palm of your hand perfectly.

The rear-mounted volume control and shutter button is ideally-positioned for your index finger to snap photos, or adjust the volume naturally in your grip.

PixelMaster – See What Others Can’t See

ZenFone 2’s 13MP PixelMaster camera with its dual tone LED flash and the f/2.0-aperture lens captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag.

With PixelMater technology, you can capture better pictures in any light condition.

Low Light mode employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 400%-brighter photos at night or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. Backlight (Super HDR) mode lets you see clearly through daytime shadow and Super Resolution mode helps you to capture detailed images at resolutions of up to 52MP!

Its 5MP front-facing camera allows you to take panoramic selfies up to 140 degrees, snapping yourself and all of your friends together.

A Marvel of Craftsmanship and Engineering

ZenFone 2 is a 5.5-inch smartphone with a body that’s as small as that of a traditional 5-inch device with a remarkable 72% screen-to-body ratio.

Beautifully-Crafted with Ultra-Thin Edges.

We moved the volume and shutter button to the back to reduce the thickness of the ZenFone 2 to a mere 3.9mm, while at the same time delivering a very comfortable user experience.

Unique NCVM molding techniques are applied to achieve the mesmerizing metallic look and solid grip, while reducing weight.

Fast Charging battery to 60% in just 39 mins!

ZenFone 2 high-capacity 3000mAh battery offers and delivers the power you need to take you for a powerful and long lasting using experience, from sunrise to sunset — and beyond.

With the exclusive ASUS BoostMaster Technology that can charge your ZenFone 2 at double the speed.

10 Minutes Charging Time Brings You 4 Hours of Chatting. Less time waiting, more time doing.

*The 18W BoostMaster adapter is included with 2.3GHz/4GB ZenFone 2 model only. For 1.8GH/2GB model, the 18W BoostMaster adapter is sold separately.

Your Smart Companion – A Simpler, Smarter, More Personalized ZenUI

Freedom, connection and expression form the foundation for the ASUS ZenUI mobile user interface.

Everything has a shortcut-

Simple and intuitive gestures launch apps in a snap!

The brand-new ZenUI with exquisite visual design has a variety of new features, including ZenMotion, Kids mode, SnapView, and TrendMicro Security, and ZenUI Instant Updates — that enhance usability, ensure security and privacy, and deliver a seamless user experience.

ASUS ZenUI has more than 1,000 features that improve upon the standard Android interface. You’ll enjoy a simpler and smarter experience, with a stylish new layout that expands white space for a cleaner design, placing the information you need front and center. The brand-new ZenUI is brighter, smarter, simpler and even more beautiful. It knows what you need, expresses your thoughts and feelings, and connects you wherever you go.

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