This is the Dolby Atmos ported from LeTv, BQ, and ZTE phone’s stock Marshmallow ROM. This should work on all devices (starting from Marshmallow) since it is a software effect. It might conflict with other effects you’ve already installed. However, it has been extensively tested working alongside ViPER4Android, Maxxaudio, and HTC M9/10 Dolby on several ROM/device combinations. Flash the zip, it will edit and patch(not overwrite) your audio_effects.conf. Currently selinux permissive is recommended.


I understand the UI looks like the old Dolby Digital Plus, but I can assure you that it is much much better. This Atmos is a much more updated version than ones previously released on the LenovoK3/K4 Note. The Axon 7 Dolby Atmos utilizes both software and hardware components of your device, which means it processes in a much more powerful manner with much more precision and quality and a more natural soundscape.

However, with Axon 7 Atmos version, you will see more realistic sound. When you listen to it you will hear the difference immediately in comparison to other versions. TheLepro 3, LeMax 2, and Aquaris X5 Dolby Atmos both only utilize a software effect, however, they both sound nearly as good as the Axon 7 Dolby Atmos and are more compatible.

Compatibility Note:

For reasons still under investigation, all of the dolby ports here are not compatible with oreo. There’s no ETA on when of if they will be

These installers utilize my Unified installer that can install on Magisk OR System if Magisk is not detected (with Pixel support). It utilizes my Magisk framework called Audio Modification Library that allows that installation of multiple audio mods without having compatibility issues with one another’s audio config file changes (this is a Magisk limitation, however AudModLib solves this issue). I do not support any other audio mod, and if Magisk, I do not support any mod that does not utilize my AudModLib.

Check out my AudModLib thread and GitHub

Current Version Changelog (v3.8):

[UPDATED] Lenovo A7000 [6.5] Atmos (1.1.4)

This is the most compatible of all the Dolby Atmos ports. GitHub


[UPDATED] LeEco LePro 3 Atmos (2.3.a.12_r0) 

This is the second most compatible of all the Dolby Atmos ports. GitHub



[UPDATED] LeEco LeMax 2 Atmos (2.3.a.12_r0) 

This is the third most compatible of all the Dolby Atmos ports. GitHub



[UPDATED] BQ Aquaris X5 Atmos ( 

This is the fourth most compatible of all the Dolby Atmos ports. GitHub


[UPDATED] ZTE Axon 7 Atmos ( 

This is the fifth most compatible of all the Dolby Atmos ports. GitHub



When you’ve chosen the one you’re going to use, download the installer provided above. 
If you already know whether or not you want the old or new ui, you can add ‘new’ or ‘old’ to the zipname (make sure there are no spaces).
Then flash it. TWRP is recommended, but I’m sure CM Recovery, Philz, and CWM work just fine. Flashfire is tested as working. If you have Magisk you can use the Magisk Manager. Each DolbyAtmos above comes from different devices AND manufacturers. SELinux enforcing works unless not using magisk or supersu, in which case init.d support or SELinux Permissive is required. You should be able to flash on top of one another without causing any issues.


Flash the same version of the installer to uninstall or add “uninstall” anywhere to the zip name and flash in recovery. You can also delete the module via Magisk Manager and reboot. 


Credits of Originality:

  • Dolby
  •  BQ
  • LeEco (LeTv)
  • ZTE
  • Lenovo

WARNING: Permission to use this for your own mod is and will never be granted to anyone. If you would like to use my files for your ROM, and only your ROM, please contact me to obtain permission before doing so. By not adhering to my strict policies, you are in violation and the issue will be forwarded promptly to a moderator. You can thank kangers.


ahrionworstenbroodzackptg5, @worstenbrood (teaching me everything I know) @Yoinx (helping hax headphone smali bug) 
Source Code:…by-Atmos-Ports

About Dolby Atoms

Dolby Atmos technology allows up to 128 audio tracks plus associated spatial audio description metadata (most notably, location or pan automation data) to be distributed to theaters for optimal, dynamic rendering to loudspeakers based on the theater capabilities. Each audio track can be assigned to an audio channel, the traditional format for distribution, or to an audio “object.” Dolby Atmos by default, has a 10-channel 7.1.2 bed for ambience stems or center dialogue, leaving 118 tracks for objects.


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