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Google Pixel 7a leaked: specs, price and release date rumours

LeakMobileGoogle Pixel 7a leaked: specs, price and release date rumours

Google Pixel 7a India launch tipped, leaked hands-on video shows design similar to Pixel 6a


  • A hands-on video of the yet-to-be -launched Google Pixel 7a has leaked.
  • The Pixel 7a might have a similar camera module to the Pixel 6a.
  • Google Pixel 7a India launch has been separately tipped.

To unseat Google’s Pixel a-series in the inexpensive Android phone category, you’ll need to make a unique offering. The Pixel 6a has excellent performance, produces stunning photographs, and won’t break the bank. Therefore, it makes sense that there is growing anticipation for its successor, the Google Pixel 7a, and the rumour mill has begun to churn and mutter about what to expect.

You should believe some of it, but how much? Is there still time for Google to surprise us with a change, or will this be a straightforward update? Here is all we currently know about the Pixel 7a, along with the features we’re hoping Google will add before the device is officially released.

Tech giant Google is planning to unveil its mid-range Pixel 7a in the coming months, and ahead of its launch, a leaked hands-on video of the upcoming smartphone has confirmed that it will come equipped with a 90Hz display, dual-SIM support, and a lot more. Separately, tipster Mukul Sharma has hinted in a tweet that the device will launch in India.

Earlier, noted tipster OnLeaks had shared the renders of the yet-to-be-launched smartphone in November last year. However, now slashleaks has posted this blurry hands-on video of the Google Pixel 7a, which looks like it has originated from a Facebook Group in Vietnam.

Pixel 7a release date and price rumours

Expect to learn about the Google Pixel 7a’s official release date at least a few weeks before Google actually reveals it, but that doesn’t mean we’re casting around in the dark for a potential day for the calendar. Going by Google’s prior experience with A-series phone releases, it will most likely be announced in the summer of 2023.

Release date for Pixel 6a: July 21, 2022
Release date for the Pixel 5a: August 26, 2021
Release date for the Pixel 4a: 20 August 2020
Release date for the Pixel 3a: 7 May 2019

As you can see, Google favours August most frequently, though it has also shown some interest in May and July. So it appears that July to August is the most likely period. It also lines up with the mainline Pixel series: The Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 both released in October, so it makes sense that the Pixel 7a will follow suit and do the same.

Right now, pricing is more of a mystery. The Pixel 6a launched at £399, which was £50 more expensive than the Pixel 4a (the Pixel 5a was never officially released in the UK), but £100 less expensive than the oddball Pixel 4a with 5G. We’d like to assume Google will attempt to maintain the price of the A-series model at the same level as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which replaced the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. However, given the current state of exchange rates and the expense of life generally, nothing should be taken for granted.

One of the biggest leaks to date came in December, when an “anonymous but reliable source” provided the Android Authority publication with a roadmap for Pixel smartphones from 2023 to 2025.

In the leak, the source claims that his two Pixel smartphones, codenamed “Lynx” and “Felix,” will launch around his Google I/O in April or May. bottom. Lynx refers to the Pixel 7a and Felix refers to the Pixel Fold. A source told the Android Authority that Google will match the Pixel 6a’s US retail price of $449 for his Pixel 7a.

Higher refresh rate

While Google sees screen refresh rate as a way of differentiating the A-series Pixel from its bigger brothers, we wish it wouldn’t. 120Hz is quickly becoming the norm across the smartphone spectrum, not just at the top-end, with plenty of rivals bringing smooth scrolling to more affordable price points. Google should absolutely follow suit.

If the early rumours are to be believed, this one might actually make the cut. Fingers crossed, eh?

Faster charging

Google doesn’t seem too keen to keep pace with the Chinese competition when it comes to charging speeds. While OnePlus, Xiaomi and Motorola’s affordable phones have breached 50W (with some even knocking on the door of 125W) the Pixel 6a sticks at a pedestrian 18W. We’d love to see the Pixel 7a pick up the pace.

That doesn’t mean Google needs to stick a charger in the box, but we reckon anyone with a beefier power brick deserves to be able to make full use of it. With rumours suggesting wireless charging will be limited to 5W, though, we’re not too confident of a major speed boost over USB-C cable.

Don’t up the price

With the cost of living becoming increasingly painful on the wallet, Google would do well to ensure its most ‘affordable’ Pixel phone remains exactly that. Actually lowering the price compared to last year might be too much of a stretch, but seeing how the firm managed to launch the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro for the same price as their forebears, we’d hope it can at least do the same for the 7a.

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