GTA 6 Likely To Be Released In 2018


GTA 6 is indeed one of them most highly anticipated games of today. Lots of fans, despite no official confirmation and/or announcement from Rockstar, believe that the game will eventually become a reality. While there’s every reason for the studio to release it, the final say is still up to the devs. Nevertheless, here are all the updates in a nutshell.

GTA 6 Likely To Be Released In 2018

Many believe that Rockstar will follow the 5 year timeline for GTA 6 — something that they actually did with the previous titles. GTA 4 was released sometime in 2008, followed by the recent installment back in 2013. Simply put, the two titles have a difference of 5 years. So if the studio will go with such interval, then it’s very likely for the new title to arrive in 2018.

GTA 6 Big Reveal And Gamescom

According to Mobile & Apps, GTA 6 is likely to be revealed sometime this year or early next year. The rumor rooted from Take-Two’s recent annual fiscal report in which they confirmed the new projects Rockstar will be working at. While the names remain unknown, there are chances that it could either be the new Grand Theft Auto title or Red Dead Redemption 2.

As for next year’s Gamescom, many suggest that GTA 6 could make its way to the trade fair. And yes, this should somehow explain its absence in this year’s event. Besides, Rockstar has the habit of not revealing games on any particular events.

GTA 6 With VR Support

This GTA 6 rumor has surely divided the community. There players who are happy about the idea of experiencing a virtual reality gaming, while there are those who simply didn’t like it all. The latter players suggest, however, that it would be best for the upcoming title to instead feature a brand new engine. That instead of a VR support, it’ll be best to enjoy it in a new, fresh way.

GTA 6 Setting

GTA 6 is said to be set in a setting where fans are very familiar with — from Vice City to Tokyo to London. However, the latter seems to be the most likely one. Why? That’s because the people involved in making the games are mostly British. While there’s no confirmation.

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