How to Guide on Xiaomi Poco F3 TWRP Recovery


Introduction to How to TWRP Recovery on Flash Xiaomi Poco F3

Are you eager to add a personal touch to your Xiaomi Poco F3 using TWRP? In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a captivating boot animation from a GIF image. Our tool of choice is the renowned Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), a custom recovery built for seamless ease of use and extensive customization. Whether you opt for the pro or lite version, rest assured that you can effortlessly craft a mesmerizing boot animation to greet you every time you power on your device.

Key Features of Xiaomi Poco F3 TWRP:

  1. Touchscreen Driven: Experience real buttons and drag-to-scroll for a user-friendly interface.
  2. XML-Based GUI: Customize the layout and enjoy true theming options for a visually stunning boot animation.
  3. Persistent Settings: Enjoy the convenience of saved settings that persist through reboots.
  4. Selective Backup and Restore: Choose specific partitions for backup and restoration.
  5. Faster Compression: Utilize pigz with multi-core processor support for quicker compression times.
  6. Onscreen Keyboard: Access a user-friendly onscreen keyboard.
  7. Easy Storage Selection: Effortlessly choose between internal and external storage options.

Unlocking the Potential with OpenRecoveryScript:

TWRP takes customization to the next level with its powerful scripting engine known as OpenRecoveryScript. This innovative engine allows apps to send commands to the recovery during startup, enabling seamless integration with apps like GooManager. With GooManager,

users can automate recovery installations for most supported devices, install multiple zips from within Android, perform wipes, and create backups.

Features and Fixes:

  1. Streamlined Zipping: No need to reboot TWRP after flashing ROM or gapps. All zips automatically go to the new slot for a hassle-free experience.
  2. Automatic Self-Flashing: TWRP efficiently flashes itself after a zip, controllable via a toggle for added convenience.
  3. Enhanced Compatibility: TWRP now supports Hentai OS encrypted devices and can seamlessly flash MIUI zips.
  4. Vibrant Experience: Enjoy the support for vibration during operations.
  5. Data Wiping: Safely wipe data without disrupting encryption.

Bugs and Limitations:

While TWRP offers numerous benefits, it does come with certain limitations based on the design of Virtual A/B or the ROMs themselves. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Data Formatting After ROM Flash: Virtual A/B limitations restrict data formatting after flashing a ROM zip. To format, reboot recovery after flashing the ROM. Encrypted users must ensure the new ROM can decrypt the device; otherwise, data must be formatted before flashing.
  2. Single ROM Flash Per Boot: TWRP permits flashing only one ROM per boot. To flash another ROM, boot to system first (Virtual A/B limitation).
  3. Data Partition Sealing: After flashing a ROM, writing to the data partition becomes restricted until successfully booting into the new ROM. Format data is allowed, and storage becomes writable again post-successful boot.

Flashing Instructions of Xiaomi Poco F3 TWRP:

  1. Boot into the attached boot.img using the following command: fastboot boot twrp-aliothin.img
  2. Once booted, head to “Advanced” and press “Flash current booted TWRP.”


The following limitations are either due to the Virtual A/B design or certain device ROMs:

  1. Formatting Data After ROM Flash: Data formatting after flashing a ROM zip is limited by Virtual A/B. If formatting is needed, reboot recovery after flashing the ROM. Encryption users may need to format data if switching to a custom ROM from MIUI, provided the ROM decrypts the device.
  2. Single ROM Flash Per Boot: Flashing one ROM per boot is a Virtual A/B limitation. To flash another ROM, boot to system first.
  3. Data Partition Write Restriction: After flashing a new ROM, writing to the data partition is restricted until a successful boot into the new ROM. Format data is allowed, and storage becomes writable post-successful boot.
  4. Hentai OS and TWRP Compatibility: Users on Hentai OS must flash vendor_boot from the provided link before using TWRP for the first time to avoid black screen. This is only required for the initial TWRP boot and not repeated thereafter. Please do not attempt this with beta versions of the ROM; use it exclusively with stable versions.
  5. Rebooting to Older Slot After Flashing: Rebooting to an older slot after flashing a new ROM cancels the new ROM, requiring reflash, based on how Virtual A/B functions.
  6. Magisk Flashing: It is not currently recommended to flash Magisk via recovery. If necessary, uncheck “Inject TWRP after install” to avoid removal of Magisk. Also, do not flash Magisk before rebooting after a ROM flash to prevent potential issues.


Our gratitude goes to @Nebrassy for the original TWRP and device tree. We have repurposed some of their commits from gerrit.

Source Code:

Kernel (Prebuilt):


Download the Xiaomi Poco F3 TWRP file from here

MD5 checksum: 0909f61c83ce9876843dabba5bf1247e

Take control of your Android device with TWRP – the ultimate custom recovery solution. Craft your own boot animation from a GIF image and enjoy a personalized and vibrant device startup experience. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a customization aficionado, TWRP offers the perfect platform to unleash your creativity.

Please note: The flashing instructions and known limitations mentioned above are crucial to ensure a smooth and successful TWRP installation. Follow the steps carefully and refer to the supported and tested device list for the best results.

Join our open-source project and be part of the vibrant TWRP community. We welcome talented developers, themers, and device maintainers who share our passion for free and open-source projects.

Unleash the potential of your Xiaomi Poco F3 or Redmi K40 (alioth) with TWRP. Download the files and begin your custom recovery journey today.

Ready to experience the full potential of your device? Download TWRP and elevate your Android experience now!

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