New iPhone15 Leaks Reveals Stunning Design and No Sim Card


The first iPhone 15 leaks have already promised a combination of eye-catching and controversial design changes. And excitement is only likely to grow further now a new exclusive has revealed another stunning design decision.

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In a move that would see Apple step back in time, a new leak from anonymous insider ShrimpApplePro claims that “all the edges will be rounded” on iPhone 15 models similar to the 2013 iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C was one of Apple’s most comfortable iPhones in hand, but the design was unloved because the chassis was made of plastic. However, that mistake won’t be repeated, with ShrimpApplePro stating that the chassis of iPhone 15 models will be made of titanium.

That material change had already leaked, but it was considered exclusive to the new iPhone 15 Ultra flagship model due to cost. Titanium is priced at $35-50 per kilogram, compared to $1-1.50 per kilogram for stainless steel, making it circa 30x more expensive — though that may drop to just $3.50 for the circa 100g chassis, and even less when purchased at scale.

Titanium is the same strength as stainless stain at just 40% of its weight and 3-4x stronger at the same weight, making it a popular material for aircraft parts. Furthermore, while the combination of a comfortable iPhone with extreme durability makes a lot of sense, it would also represent a stunning change of direction from Apple after years of completing their iPhones heavier and more angular.

So how excited should you be? ShrimpApplePro notes that the information is “still very early so take it as it is” but the leaker’s sources are well respected after the insider revealed the notch-less iPhone 14 redesign in September 2021, the same month Apple launched the iPhone 13.

For me, the doubt is less about whether Apple will make these changes and more about whether they will apply to the whole range, the iPhone 15 Pro or only the Ultra. With Apple determined to increase differentiation between the models, the thought of it coming to the entire iPhone 15 range seems too good to be true.

That said, with underwhelming iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Plus sales and spiraling manufacturing costs, maybe, just maybe, Apple is set to go all in with its iPhone 15 lineup. After all, it’s a big year of change for iPhone, whether Apple likes it or not.

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