No Lollipop for the Galaxy Ace 4, says Samsung UK


Samsung has been doing a rather good job at promptly updating its flagship smartphones to Android Lollipop this year, but it looks like the same attention won’t be given to some of its entry level handsets. Responding to a request for information on Twitter, Samsung UK has stated that Lollipop won’t be heading to the Galaxy Ace 4.

The Galaxy Ace 4 was announced last June and launched shortly after in two variants, one with just 512MB of RAM and another with 1GB and 4G LTE support. The lack of an update for a handset less than a year old is quite disappointing.

Earlier in the year Samsung cancelled a promised Android Lollipop update for Galaxy S4 Mini, citing memory limitations as the primary issue for failing its testing process. The S4 Mini features 1.5GB of RAM, while the Galaxy Ace 4 contains a smaller 1GB of RAM pool. Samsung has not given an official reason for the lack of an update for the Ace 4, but we can imagine that RAM limitations may be a factor.

While not updating lower-end models is a common practise across numerous manufacturers, it is perhaps a little more understandable if hardware limitations are preventing the company from providing a smooth enough experience.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Galaxy Ace 4 owners.


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