OnePlus 5T to be Made Available from November 21st


Following their upgrade schedule from last year, OnePlus will be launching another flagship in the second half of 2017. We have been talking about the rumors surrounding this device for a bit now and more pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together.

OnePlus has confirmed the OnePlus 5T launch and will soon be selling tickets for the OnePlus 5T launch event being held in Brooklyn, New York. Post launch, the OnePlus 5T will be made available for purchase from November 21st.

We first started hearing rumors about the OnePlus 5T last month when a partial render showed the left side and bottom left corner of the alleged device. In the image, we saw slim side bezels like we would expect from a 2017 device, but we also saw a very slim bottom bezel. These slim top and bottom bezels have become a trend in 2017 with companies like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and Essential Products all selling devices with a reduced chin and forehead.

Another render leaked a week after the first and this time we got to see what was claimed to be the top front half of the OnePlus 5T. It showed the same thin side bezels from the first and the slim top bezel matches the bottom bezel we saw from the first render. This made people wonder if OnePlus was transitioning from capacitive buttons and a rear fingerprint sensor due to the shrunken down top and bottom bezels. While those details have yet to be revealed, some are speculating that is the case.

This month, the CEO of OnePlus announced that they would be sticking with the 3.5mm headphone port due to customer demand. This has been a hotly debated topic within the smartphone industry as of late, and this particular news made a lot of people happy to hear. The next day OPPO launched the R11s and the R11s Plus which is a device that many have speculated will be what OnePlus rebrands into the OnePlus 5T. Again, those details have yet to be revealed but it would make sense due to the fact that OnePlus did something similar with the OnePlus 5.

So now we inch closer to the OnePlus 5T launch event which will be held on November 16th, with the device confirmed to go on sale five days later on November 21st. This has been a surprising turn of events as OnePlus typically goes on a hype spree to launch a new device but this time, they’ve only been quietly teasing it on a few Twitter accounts.

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