The Oppo R5s is a refresh of the super thin Oppo R5. It bumps the RAM up to 3GB, doubles the storage at 32GB, and keeps the razor-sharp premium body.

The R5s was announced two days ago and we were promised official pricing and availability soon. Today we can shed more light on those – the Oppo R5s will be sold via the Oppo Style online store in Europe for €199.

Oppo R5s Tech Justice

The Oppo R5s will become available for purchase tomorrow – August 25. It will be available in only one color initially – Dark Gray. There’s no word if others will be added and when that might happen.

There are no additional upgrades outside the memory department. The display is still a 5.2″ 1080p AMOLED unit, the chipset is Snapdragon 615 and the main camera has a 13MP sensor. This means the Android below the Color 2.0 launcher is still KitKat, too.

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