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Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error on Windows [Solved]

WindowsBlue Screen ErrorsFix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error on Windows

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT is one of Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Error. It occurs whenever the page frame number (PFN) list becomes corrupted.
When you received such message, take it easy , as it isn’t as bad as it first seems. Here in this guide, you would be told how to fix it clearly.

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error could be caused by several reasons, follow the different ways below to fix it.

Fix 1. Check your RAM
Fix 2. Check for hard drive corruption
Fix 3. Do system restore on your Windows
Fix 4. Update your drivers

Fix 1. Check your RAM

NOTE: RAM (Random-access memory) is a form of computer data storage.

We can use Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to check RAM.

1) Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows logo key + R key together.
Then Type mdsched.exe in the box and click YES.

2) Click Restart now and check for problems.

3) Now the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool screen pops up. You can leave it alone and come back to see the results in a few minutes.

After it’s done, check if the error is fixed.

Fix 2. Check for hard drive corruption

1) Run Command Prompt as administrator.
How to: Find and right-click on Command Prompt at Start menu.
Then choose Run as administrator.
Click YES when prompted by User Account Control.

2) Now Command Prompt window pops up.
Type chkdsk /f in it and hit Enter.

Then it will start scanning for hard disk corruption and automatically fix the error.

Fix 3. Do system restore on your Windows

System Restore allows your computer to recover from bad program installs or updates. Click here (Though it’s for Windows 10, it also suits for Windows 7) to follow the tutorial to perform system restore on your Windows.

After it’s done, check if the error is fixed.



Fix 4. Update your drivers

The outdated or not-matched drivers can also cause PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error. Thus be sure to update your drivers when you experience the error.

To find out which driver is of issue, head to Device Manager on your Windows.
View on your devices.
If there ismark beside the device name, that means there is issue on its driver.

Then your can head to its manufacturer’s official website to find and download the latest driver for your Windows.

Such process really works, but it’s time consuming and annoying. So here we highly recommend a useful driver tool for you — Driver Easy. It can automatically scan your computer, tell you which drivers are missing or outdated, and update them in several minutes.

Have a try on its Free Version, Driver Easy will offer the latest drivers for you to install. But with PRO Version, you can make all your drivers up-to-date with just one click — Update All.

More worth being happy, you can schedule a task on PRO Version.  Then it will scan your PC regularly and keep all your drivers up-to-date even without your notice.

So why not have a try?

Hopefully now you can get rid of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error.


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