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How to Unbrick OnePlus 3T

oneplus_3_t_tech justice
oneplus_3_t_tech justice

Many people who own the new OnePlus3T and try to install root or TWRP etc. will often get errors.
In my Case it was so that I could not go back on my TWRP backup. Unfortunately there was at that time no OnePlus3T Rom, so I tried to install from the original page the OnePlus3 Rom. finally came out -> My OPT3 was bricked….

A hard brick is very hard to fix at the moment, because the tools etc. are still outdated and currently run only for the OP3 and not for the T model. That’s why I took the trouble and sometimes put the files together. Now I have also managed to unbrick my OP3T.

So, I’m a nice guy and I publish my Files for fixing the OnePlus3T.

For the on Plus 3:
Step 1: Download Driver and Unbricktool
1) Driver: https://mega.nz/#!AgohmbqC!h16GeeOnl…iWVvYsXSAeKIA8
2) Unbricktool(OP3T): https://mega.nz/#!Q1YnTTAT!gnLf6NEkS…1-vReKx7B1VVpI

Step 1: Extract Drivers and Recovery Tool files on Desktop.

Step 2: If you are using Windows other than Windows XP,turn off Driver Signature Enforcement.To do so,follow this guide :

Step 3: Press the power button for 40 seconds to turn off the phone.

Step 4: Press the volume up button for 10 seconds, while connecting the device with the computer.

Step 5: Open your device-manager and make sure in “Unknown devices” is one device with the name “QHUSB_BULK”.

Step 6: Right Click on your device in the device manager and select Update Device Software. Choose manually the drivers folder and install the driver.

Step 7: When the device shows as “Qualcomm 9008”, go run the MSM Download Tool as administrator.

Step 8: Click start at top left corner and wait for it to finish (green text will come).

Step 9: Disconnect phone from PC and boot into system.

Welcome back in life OP3T!!!

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