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How to Unbrick OnePlus 3T

TutorialsAndroidHow to Unbrick OnePlus 3T

Many people who own the new OnePlus3T and try to install root or TWRP etc. will often get errors.
In my Case it was so that I could not go back on my TWRP backup. Unfortunately there was at that time no OnePlus3T Rom, so I tried to install from the original page the OnePlus3 Rom. finally came out -> My OPT3 was bricked….

A hard brick is very hard to fix at the moment, because the tools etc. are still outdated and currently run only for the OP3 and not for the T model. That’s why I took the trouble and sometimes put the files together. Now I have also managed to unbrick my OP3T.

So, I’m a nice guy and I publish my Files for fixing the OnePlus3T.

For the on Plus 3:
Step 1: Download Driver and Unbricktool
1) Driver: https://mega.nz/#!AgohmbqC!h16GeeOnl…iWVvYsXSAeKIA8
2) Unbricktool(OP3T): https://mega.nz/#!Q1YnTTAT!gnLf6NEkS…1-vReKx7B1VVpI

Step 1: Extract Drivers and Recovery Tool files on Desktop.

Step 2: If you are using Windows other than Windows XP,turn off Driver Signature Enforcement.To do so,follow this guide :

Step 3: Press the power button for 40 seconds to turn off the phone.

Step 4: Press the volume up button for 10 seconds, while connecting the device with the computer.

Step 5: Open your device-manager and make sure in “Unknown devices” is one device with the name “QHUSB_BULK”.

Step 6: Right Click on your device in the device manager and select Update Device Software. Choose manually the drivers folder and install the driver.

Step 7: When the device shows as “Qualcomm 9008”, go run the MSM Download Tool as administrator.

Step 8: Click start at top left corner and wait for it to finish (green text will come).

Step 9: Disconnect phone from PC and boot into system.

Welcome back in life OP3T!!!

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