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Install New Viper4Android 2023 on Android

AndroidAppsInstall New Viper4Android 2023 on Android

Viper4Android 2023

Disclaimer: Please make a complete backup before following the steps, we are not responsible for any damage, do it at your own risk

Hey! Are you very passionate about music?
Do you want to have a great experience of music listening on your Android handset?
Are you looking for something to enhance your mobile audio?

Don’t think much. Just download the app Viper4Android 2023 on your mobile phone and let the app tweak your mobile audio. We are here to discuss how to download the app on any version of Android phones.

Theoretically, it should also work for Android.

Follow the instructions below :
1. Download the zip here: https://github.com/programminghoch10/ViPER4AndroidRepackaged/releases
2. Install it via Magisk, THEN reboot.
3. Enjoy!

(NOTE: Keep the Legacy Mode always ON in V4A Settings.)

If you face problems such as V4A not processing audio from streaming services such as Spotify, Youtube, etc,. you may flash Audio Compatibility Patch and Audio Modification Library. Instruction as follow :

Please backup your data in case something goes wrong during the process.

1. Uninstall Viper4Android 2023 by flashing the .zip again via TWRP or remove it via Magisk and reboot.
2. download both ACP and AML :
– ACP https://john-fawkes.com/Downloads/acp.zip
– AML https://zackptg5.com/downloads/Audio-Modification-Library_v4.1.zip

3. Install both zips via Magisk in the following order :

– AML, once complete do not reboot immediately, go back and install ACP instead.
– ACP ( during ACP installation it will run a setup wizard and you need to respond to all of the options appearing using the volume key + and -, otherwise the setup will fail and ACP is not installed. If you are unsure which one is the most suitable for you, you can refer to my reference below )


Patch audio_policy ?         | Yes
- Select Patch Method :      | Vol Up - Patch (new logic)
Remove notification_helper ? | Yes
- Select Fix Method :        | Vol Up : Remove notification_helper effect
Patch USB policy for dacs ?  | No
Use Lib workaround ?         | No

4. After you flash the zips, you need to REBOOT to RECOVERY and CLEAR DALVIK CACHE.
5. Then reboot to System.
6. Install V4A via Magisk and then reboot again.
7. Keep the Legacy Mode always ON in V4A Settings.

In case your phone is stuck in the reboot process, you can force reboot to Recovery by pressing holding Power Button and Volume +, then clear Dalvik cache again. If it is not working then you can uninstall the Magisk by flashing Magisk Uninstaller via TWRP.

Big thanks to @programminghoch10 for making the zip really easy to install.

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