The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will take ‘bezelless’ to a whole new level


ezelless is one of those ill-fitting words we’ve been using for far too long regarding phones that are sort of bezelless, but not really. So what do we call the next generation of truly bezelless (or at least, morebezelless) phones on the horizon? Well, for starters, we can call the first one the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

What we want to see in the Mi MIX 2

The original Mi MIX was the harbinger of the age of bezelless devices, so it’s only fitting that its successor will almost completely shave off the chin still found on the likes of the Galaxy S8, LG G6 and even the Essential Phone. In a concept video shared by its returning designer, French designer Philippe Starck, there’s barely an outline of bezel on the top three sides with a bottom bezel that looks about half as wide as that found on the Galaxy S8.

Of course, concept videos are to reality what fanboy expectations are to supply chains. But when a concept video comes from the actual designer of a product, in a product line he has already had experience working with, the distance between concept and reality is significantly reduced. We already know the Mi MIX 2 will arrive this year, and when it does – if it looks anything at all like this video – then Xiaomi is going to throw the Android design world into a tailspin. Again.

If you’re wondering where the front-facing camera is, take a close look at the video and you’ll see it hiding in the bottom right of the bottom bezel, bizarrely in the same spot as with the last Mi MIX. Regardless, at least it’s still present and bodes very well for anyone not a particular fan of the camera ‘indent’ in phones like the Essential Phone or upcoming iPhone. Don’t ask us what newfangled solution Xiaomi might have come up with for the earpiece this time around (last time it was baaaadd).

Source : Android Authority

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