Google’s project Android One is something that you might not even remember, but it’s still alive. After the company launched the Sharp X1 exclusively for Japan, now there are rumors the company is working with Xiaomi to develop a stock Android Xiaomi Mi 5X version. The phone should arrive in Indonesia with a clean Android build instead of MIUI 9.

Xiaomi’s device will not be the first Indonesian Android One. Before the Mi 5X, devices like the Mito Impact, Evercross One X, and Nexian Journey One were on the market for around IDR1 million or $75. The Mi 5X current retail price is around $200, so it might aim a little higher than that.

As we told you in our hands-on of the phone, the Xiaomi Mi 5X is an attempt to offer the Xiaomi Mi 6 dual camera on the cheap.


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